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Off-shoring, pillar of 'Emergence strategy'

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Mezouar, who was invited to a TV a programme called 'Economy in question' on the first national channel TVM, stressed that ‘Off-Shoring' aims at making Morocco an attractive and competitive platform for investment and exportation.
 “Off-shoring constitutes a programme added to a whole system that exists today in Morocco, widening the pallet to accelerate the pace of growth, along with targeting exportation sectors,” he said.
Off-shoring, which offers training for emerging professions, is a phenomenon that has generated from the outsourcing of services, explained the minister.

Outsourcing means taking internal company functions and paying an outside firm to handle them, mostly in another country. It is done to save money, improve quality, or free company resources for other activities.

Mezouar underlined that this programme could create up to 500,000 jobs in the coming decade and could contribute to the GDP by up MAD 100 billion.

Last December, HM King Mohammed VI laid the corner stone for an offshoring zone project “CasaShore”, worth MAD 1.7 billion, one of the important axes of the new national industrial strategy.

He also launched another project which is a complex that will cover a surface of 12,000 m² and be carried out by the Office of Professional Training and the Promotion of Work, known by its French acronym OFPPT.

This complex has the capacity to receive 3,000 students, 700 of whom are already training. MAD 47 million has been allocated to fund this project, which consists of three poles: New Information Technology and Communication (NITC), Offshoring and the Development of Competences and Continued Training.
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