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lundi, 06 février 2006 21:11

France issues new migrants' selection draft

In a draft law, the French Minister suggests to favour qualified migrants with three-year residence cards.

In an interview published in the French paper Le Journal Du Dimanche, Sarkozy underlined that the residence cards will be granted to highly-skilled foreign workers such as “scientists, computer scientists, artists or those with a rare competence, to contribute to the economic dynamism of the country."

Le métier d'anesthésiste-réanimateur est sans conteste celui qui procure le plus de satisfaction, le plus de joie et de contentement à celui qui accompli sa tâche avec amour, dextérité et abnégation . Le professeur Lahoucine Barrou président de la société marocaine d'anesthésie-réanimation a sans aucun doute omis d'ajouter le sentiment de fierté que peut ressentir un médecin anesthésiste-réanimateur qui accomplit son devoir avec amour et abnégation.

Mais vous n'estes pas sans savoir que la démographie en anesthésie­réanimation dans notre pays est un facteur de blocage des ambitions légitimes qui sont les nôtre, à savoir permettre à l'ensemble de la population marocaine de bénéficier des compétences des spécialistes en anesthésie-réanimation là ou elle se trouve.

dimanche, 05 février 2006 19:39

Nuclear Panel Votes to Report Tehran to U.N.

VIENNA, Feb. 4 — The 35-nation board of the United Nations atomic energy agency voted here on Saturday to report Iran to the Security Council, a move that reflects increasing suspicion around the world that Iran is determined to develop nuclear weapons.

The resolution, which passed by a vote of 27 to 3, could change the course of diplomacy toward Iran and open the door to international punishment of the country.

Only Cuba, Syria and Venezuela voted against the European-drafted resolution. Five countries — Algeria, Belarus, Indonesia, Libya and South Africa — abstained.

After the vote, Iran announced that it would immediately end its voluntary nuclear cooperation with the agency and that it would begin full-scale production of enriched uranium, which can be used to produce electricity or to help build nuclear bombs.

dimanche, 29 janvier 2006 20:30

Zaki approached by Libyan FA

The Libyan Football Association (LFA) is approaching Former manager of the Atlas Lions, Baddou Zaki, to lead the Libyan national team, after sacking Croatian Ilija Loncarevic reported MAP news agency.

"Zaki liked the idea, but required to meet an official from the Libyan Assiciation", affirmed the Libyan newspaper "Al-Fajr Al-Jadid", quoting a source of the LFA.

The first Forum of Moroccan-French partnership will be held on Jan. 27-28 in Skhirate (near Rabat). The forum is one of the five bodies set up by the partnership convention for cultural cooperation and development, signed on July 25, 2003.

Themed “Decentralised cooperation at the service of the population and territories”, this first partnership forum will bring together some 400 figures from both countries to discuss four main topics, in the form of workshops.

The most common types of attacks were viruses, reported by 84 percent of those surveyed, and spyware, which 80 percent said they had to contend with. Viruses and worms were seen as the most expensive types of attacks. The average attack cost around $24,000, with much of the expense tied to repairing infected machines and networks and lost work time.
 Ten years is a long way in cyberspace. Can anyone remember a time before we sacrificed hours for the convenience of scouring the Web for the best travel deal, instead of picking up the phone and delegating the job to a real live travel agent? On Dec. 12, 2005, SITA Information Networking Computing, global provider of communications solutions to the airline industry, celebrated the 10th anniversary of "the launch of the world's first airline booking engine, making possible the low fares revolution."

For this purpose, with the collaboration of the card use center (CMI) and the Moroccan Professional Bank Group (GPBM) a conference has been organized recently in Fez. It was the occasion to set the principal measures undertaken.

“There is a bad use of bank cards in Morocco,” said El Hadi Chaïbaïnou, director of the GPBM. There are over two million bank cards in circulation in Morocco, but Moroccans seem to prefer drawing out money rather than making direct payments using electronic payment terminals (TPE).

mardi, 17 janvier 2006 21:10

Off-shoring, pillar of 'Emergence strategy'

Mezouar, who was invited to a TV a programme called 'Economy in question' on the first national channel TVM, stressed that ‘Off-Shoring' aims at making Morocco an attractive and competitive platform for investment and exportation.
 “Off-shoring constitutes a programme added to a whole system that exists today in Morocco, widening the pallet to accelerate the pace of growth, along with targeting exportation sectors,” he said.
lundi, 09 janvier 2006 22:47

Iran says nuclear research resumed

TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) -- As expected, Iran said it would resume its nuclear research program Monday, according to a government spokesman.

"As announced, nuclear research will be resumed in Iran today in the presence of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) representatives," Gholam-Hossein Elham said.

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