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Morocco and South Korea signed a co-operation agreement covering the tourism sector on Friday (19 May) in Rabat. The agreement, signed upon completing the work of the 4th Joint Economic and Technical Commission, aims to highlight the opportunities of tourism investments in Morocco and benefit the tourism department of the Korean expertise in the information technology and strategic planning through technical trainings.

The 4th economic and technical joint commission discussed also the importance of a Free Trade Agreement between the two countries, considering their geographical location and the similarities in their economies. The South Korean side voiced readiness to support the efforts made in Morocco in economy liberalization.

vendredi, 06 janvier 2006 00:37

The year 2005 Morocco, rich with cinema events

Nourredine Sayel, the director of the Moroccan Cinematographic Centre (CCM), expressed hopefulness about the progress that Moroccan cinema has made in the recent years.

Considering the achievements of Moroccan filmmakers in 2005, the director of CCM said that the 8th edition of the National Film Festival (FNF), held in Tangiers on Dec. 2-10, has proved the progress recently marked by young directors.